Psychodrama training in Bulgaria is carried out according to the standards and professional criteria adopted by the BSPGT in accordance with European and international standards. It passes through three stages:

200 hours of PD self- experience acquired about a year of ongoing training.  Participants who attend in psychodrama self-experience groups are able to acquire deep and to develop skills in order to cope with their inner conflicts and life crisis.

First stage (Basic level )consists of 600 contact training hours in psychodrama method approximately 2, 5-3 years of training. The trainees deepen their knowledge in terms of personal autonomy and maturity. They begin to acquire the main tools and components of psychodrama method. The basic level graduation is certified by the psychodrama assistant (consultant) diploma that confers the right to benefit of the method under live supervision provided by psychodrama trainer.

Second stage (Advanced level) consists of 600 contact training hours in psychodrama method and supervision approximately 2,5-3 years. The theoretical and practical knowledge of the trainees is further developed by advanced level workshops and ongoing supervision of trainees’ individual or group psychodrama practice. The advanced level graduation is certified by psychodrama therapist diploma or psychodrama leader diploma (the qualification depends on the trainee’s profession. The requirements for acquired knowledge in the field of psychopathology, psychiatry and clinical practice (in these cases when the trainee is working in the field of psychotherapy) are obligatory.

The training in psychodrama and group therapy is provided by certified training organizations and psychodrama psychotherapists graduated the second stage of their psychodrama training.

Trainers are asked to provide their training programs which are discussed by members of BSPGT’ Standards Working Group.

Please, find more information about the structure of the psychodrama training in the table below. More information about FEPTO’s minimum training standards could be found in our website (section FEPTO’s training standards)